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Excess weight

Did you know that 1 in 2 cats that visit the vet are obese?

Discover Advance Weight Balance and help your cat to reduce their weight in 3 months and to maintain their ideal weight.

What is
excess weight?

When your cat is at least 10% above their ideal weight they are overweight, and if this goes above 20% they may even be obese.







Excess weight and obesity affect your cat’s well-being and can increase the risk of your cat suffering certain diseases such as diabetes, joint problems or respiratory problems.
This is why it is important that you spot it and help them to achieve their ideal weight using a special diet and healthy daily habits.

Discover the

The ADVANCE WEIGHT BALANCE formula has been developed by veterinary experts with over 20 years of experience, and its backed-up by clinical studies that confirm its efficacy.

How can you
spot it?

You can spot it by following these 5 simple steps:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 1The waist is not noticeable and is hard to see
  • 2The abdomen stands out due to an accumulation of fat
  • 3The ribs are hard to discern
  • 4The vertebrae are hard to feel

weight balance

If your cat is carrying excess weight, it is time to start the Weight Balance Challenge. With the ADVANCE Weight Balance diet you will be able to see real results without complex diets in 3 months.

How does it work?
The clinically proven formula of the ADVANCE Weight Balance range brings about a change in the microbiota increasing its richness, making it become more diverse and less obesogenic.

What is the microbiota?
The microbiota is a group of micro-organisms that are particularly associated with the digestive system. The microbiota of dogs that carry excess weight and slim dogs is very different, and plays an important role in excess weight.


83% of cats reduce their weight in 2 months
23% loss of body fats in 3 months