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The first thing for you to know is that physical characteristics are not the only difference between the different breeds, but there is a very important aspect that is your dog’s character.

A pure breed is defined by a whole series of features such as height, weight, colour, shape, and abilities, among other aspects.


To certify that your dog is pure breed you have to own a pedigree. In order to get this document, your dog has to pass an exam, and in that way obtain this document with all their information. Your dog can sit the exam once they have reached the necessary minimum age for their development, which varies according to breed. To obtain it a few formalities need to be followed:


Contact the Kennel Club España, which is an association of pure breed dog breeders, to put them forward for a trial.


There, a judge will have to identify your dog using their birth certificate and their registration.


After being examined, and if they pass, you will get the approval that shows that your dog is a pure breed.


The judge will submit this document to the Kennel Club, where your dog will remain registered as a pure breed, and they will send you a certificate of their pedigree.


This is your dog’s family tree and that which helps to determine, together with the exam, that they are indeed a pure breed. Included in this book is a sheet that brings together the dog’s characteristics: size, colour, gender, breed… as well as their family’s details.

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