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Medium Puppy


Medium Puppy


If your puppy is Medium, in other words, if it will weigh between 10kg and 30kg once it has developed and become an adult, it’ll need a specific product to help it grow up strong and healthy.

Advance Medium Puppy is a top-end product formulated to meet your Medium puppy's specific nutritional needs, by promoting the development of its digestive and immune systems, helping to strengthen its defences, and ensuring its bones grow properly, with food that’s easy to digest. 

In addition, the size of Advance Medium Puppy kibble is adapted to your Medium puppy’s jaw size.

Advance Medium Puppy is especially recommended for medium-breed puppies aged between 2 and 15 months.

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Optimum calcium-phosphorus ratio, and vitamin D to ensure proper bone growth and development
Chicken and rice, main ingredients. Excellent sources of easily digestible proteins and carbohydrates
Omega 3 fatty acids to help the proper development of the central nervous system, the learning process and the vision
Immunoglobulins, nucleotides and high protein to support your puppy's natural defenses.

Why Advance?

ADVANCE brings together science and high-quality ingredients in their dog foods, which have been carefully developed by veterinary experts. .


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Nutritional information

At Advance we formulate our products with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients. ADVANCE Medium Puppy has as its main ingredients chicken and rice, an excellent source of easily digestible proteins and carbohydrates.

Chicken (20%), dehydrated poultry proteins, maize protein, rice (10%), wheat, maize, animal fat,stabilised with mixed tocopherols of natural origin, maize meal, beetpulp, hydrolysed animal proteins, fish oil, potassium chloride, plasma proteins,natural source of immunoglobulins (0.5%), salt, yeast extract,natural source of nucleotides (0.05%),

Vitamin A27000 IU
Vitamin D31800 IU
Vitamin E500 mg
Vitamin C70 mg
Ferrous sulphate monohydrate260 mg (Fe: 86mg)
Potassium iodide1.9 mg (I: 1.4 mg)
Coppersulphate pentahydrate33mg (Cu: 8.8 mg)
Manganoussulphate monohydrate123 mg (Mn: 40 mg)
Zinc sulphate monohydrate407mg (Zn: 148mg)
Sodium selenite0.24 mg (Se: 0.1mg)
With natural antioxidants.
29.0% Protein
19.0% Fat content
2.0% Crude fibres
7.0% Inorganic matter
1.2% Calcium
1.0% Phosphorus
0.4% Omega 3
3.3% Omega 6

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