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Leishmaniasis is a disease caused by a parasite known as Leishmania, which is spread by the bite of sandflies belonging to the Phlebotomus genus. There are two types of Leishmaniasis, cutaneous or visceral, and it is a chronic disease. For this reason, after consulting your vet and putting your dog on the necessary course of medical treatment, it’s especially important that you regulate its diet with a product that helps it maintain a good quality of life. 

ADVANCE VETERINARY DIETS LEISHMANIASIS is a complete and balanced dietetic product for dogs, formulated to aid recovery and provide nutritional support in the medical treatment of dogs with leishmaniasis. 

ADVANCE VETERINARY DIETS LEISHMANIASIS has been formulated to have a high energy density and optimal protein levels, helping to maintain good muscle condition and contributing towards an efficient immune response. Its low purine content helps prevent the formation of xanthine stones caused by treatment with Allopurinol. In addition, thanks to its biotin, omega-3 and omega-6 content, it plays a part in restoring skin and fur to a healthy state. 

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12 kg * . Exclusive online

Real results

Leishmaniasis is a veterinary diet with real results.

Derma protection

Cellular immunity

High digestibility

(*) Clinical study in the home with small dogs. Internal data.


With high nutritional value (egg and milk protein) that help maintain muscle mass
Support correct kidney function
Helps restore skin and coat health
Reduces the risk of xanthine stone formation

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Nutritional information

Rice, wheat meal, wheat, maize, dehydrated egg, animal fat,stabilised with mixed tocopherols of natural origin, soybean protein, maizeprotein, hydrolyzed soyprotein, hydrolyzed animal proteins, beet pulp, whey, coconut oil, calcium carbonate, fish oil, plasma proteins,natural source of immunoglobulins (1%), caseinate, monocalcium phosphate, potassium chloride, Highly digestible ingredients: cooked rice, dehydrated egg, hydrolysed soy proteins, hydrolysed animal proteins, whey, plasma proteins, caseinate.,

Vitamin A27000 IU
Vitamin D31800 IU
Vitamin E1300 mg
Vitamin C350 mg
Biotin0.23 mg
Taurine1200 mg
Ferrous sulphate monohydrate355 mg (Fe: 117 mg)
Ferrous fumarate390 mg(Fe: 117 mg)
Potassium Iodide2.6 mg (I: 2 mg)
Copper sulphate pentahydrate45 mg (Cu: 12 mg)
Manganous sulphate monohydrate168 mg (Mn: 54 mg)
Zinc sulphate monohydrate240 mg (Zn: 88 mg)
Zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate600 mg (Zn: 60 mg)
Sodium Selenite0.33 mg (Se: 0.15 mg)
With natural antioxidants.
24% Protein
16% Fat content
2.2% Crude fibres
5.7% Inorganic matter
0.8% Calcium
0.7% Phosphorus
0.3% Omega 3
2.5% Omega 6

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