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After the puppies are weaned, it is your turn

After the puppies are weaned, it is your turn

The time has come for puppies to be weaned. This is a very delicate process that causes some stress in puppies, as they have to part from their mother. In order for this process to be as non-traumatic for the puppies as possible, it is important to keep habits, other than eating habits, as they were. In addition to the psychological factor, you must also bear in mind that the change of eating habits can cause occasional diarrhoea, so it is important also to keep previous eating habits and introduce the new nutrients very slowly, so that they get used to them, always accompanied with water. It is very important for the puppy to be hydrated during this process of change, especially if it has diarrhoea.

The correct dosage must be administered in order for it not to be hungry and not eat in excess. The frequency of feedings is reduced as puppies get older. For example, at the age of four months, they need four meals per day, at eight months they need three, when they are one year and a half they only need two meals, and from then on, one daily feeding is sufficient. However you should always take into account the size of your animal, because the number of feedings could vary. See the recommendations on the package.

Regardless of the dosage, you should know that at this point puppies need all the nutrients in order to grow correctly and for greater protection against any risk in its adult age, and so that it is stronger against possible illnesses.

Nutrition is essential for its growth. Therefore, now that your puppy has to part from its mother, it is important that you look after it as gently as she would.