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Are you ready to adopt a pet?

Are you ready to adopt a pet?






¿Are you ready for a long-term commitment? A medium-sized dog lives 12–15 years on average, but for smaller-sized dogs, the average increases to 13–17 years. For cats, the average life expectancy exceeds 15 years and it is not unusual for a cat to reach 20 years. Over the years new members of the family may appear…







¿Are you ready to bear the costs involved in having a pet? During the first year of life, many expenses accumulate: adoption or purchase, identification by microchip, census, sterilisation, purchasing pet accessories such as food and water bowls, a bed, carrier, toys, collar and leash for…







¿Do you have time to take care of your pet every day? Between sessions of play and education, pampering, care, hygienic care and walks in the case of a dog, caring for a pet is not a matter of 5 minutes a day, and meeting their needs is important to keep the pet in good physical and mental health.







¿Are you willing to devote yourself to the education of your pet and being patient while it has not yet learned the “rules of your house”? Both dogs and cats need basic education guidelines to adapt to their new home. Education improves communication between people and pets and strengthens bonding, but it takes time to carry this out.


Behavioural problems





¿Are you ready to see your dog or cat exceed boundaries? Breaking something delicate, dumping the rubbish bin, relieving themselves in pots, barking or meowing excessively, leaving hair on the sofa, etc. Nobody is perfect, but with patience you can find solutions to improve coexistence.


Adapting your house





¿Are you willing to make changes at home? In order to adapt your house to the pet you may need different types of changes, such as placing plants and toxic decorations away from the reach of your pet, fencing the garden to create a safe space for a dog, protecting delicate items that are within the pet’s reach, developing the vertical dimension of the house where your cat will live, and adding cat shelves and trees.


Family agreement





¿Is there a family agreement on adopting a pet? It is important that this issue has been discussed amongst those who will live with the pet and that the special needs of each member have been taken into consideration: there may be persons with allergies, babies, those who are disabled, etc. 


Other pets





¿Are there other pets at home? When there is already another pet at home, adding a dog or a cat may not always be the right decision: you must take into account the characteristics of both the resident pet and the new one that you want to adopt, and you must invest time and patience in order to complete the introductory process successfully.