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Dog bites: not without your permission

Dog bites: not without your permission

We all want our pets to be gentle, fun, playful and friendly, but it is not pleasant when they do not control their bites. Thus, inhibiting their bites is one of the most important lessons for dogs in order to be safe throughout their lives.

You must not forget that your dog is like a small child, and if you don't tell it that something is wrong, no one will. You must take into account that you must teach the puppy to stop when you tell it to, and it may never start the biting game without having your prior permission.

If these two guidelines are clear, there are some exercises that will help you with your dog: no hard bites, they can only bite the hands, and it is forbidden to play with hair, ankles and clothes. A rope or a teether can enable the teaching, but always with the order “let go”, so that it stops when you say so. If your dog does not listen or bites too hard, you simply have to shout “ouch, ouch” so that it realises by itself that the game is finished because it bit you too hard.

If you follow all these guidelines, you will succeed in your dog biting only when you allow it to, and only to play.