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Dogs love sport

Dogs love sport

There are several modalities that are officially recognised. The most popular is agility. This is a sport that shows the level of rapport between a human guide and a well-trained dog. Communicating only by voice and body language, the person must guide the dog neatly to overcome a series of obstacles, competing against the clock and without the help of a leash or incentives.

There are other modalities where the owner and his pet run alongside; this is called canicross. In this modality, your dog is attached to you by means of a pull line and a harness; it runs in front and you behind it. This exercise is carried out on land, but it can also take place on snow.

Finally, you can also practice bikejoring. In this exercise, dogs, generally a pair, are attached to the handlebar of a mountain bike. Special pulls and harnesses are used, suitable for the safety of the animal and of the cyclist.

Whatever it is, remember that dogs, just like you, need to practice some sport daily. And there is nothing better than doing this together with your dog.