Give your dog great teeth

Give your dog great teeth

Oral and dental health is as important for people as it is for animals, and it must be part of the basic care of dogs. Otherwise, they could suffer periodontitis and even general infections caused by bacteria entering the bloodstream. Through a good dental hygiene, you will be preventing problems such as halitosis, arthritis, kidney illnesses or bacterial infections of the heart valves.

First, the diet plays a significant role in the dental health of dogs. In this sense, it is preferable to feed them dry food. It has been proven that dry food, with a fibre structure or with a size that forces the animal to chew, promotes oral and dental health as it avoids the accumulation of tartar and plaque bacteria.

On the other hand, it is strongly recommended to have two dental veterinary check-ups per year. We must also take note if the animal has bad breath. In fact, we must avoid reaching this point. This is not a good sign. If halitosis appears we must check if its gums are swollen or if they are bleeding or if the teeth are loose.

It is convenient to get them used to oral inspection and brush their teeth from an early age. This way, it will be easier for you to do this regularly and you will also be able to act before the problem arises. Prevention is always the best medicine.

In order to carry out periodic oral check-ups, first, we must lift their lips without separating their jaws and observe the state of the teeth. Then, open their mouth wide to inspect the interior side of the teeth. If they are used to it, they won't raise any objection.

As for brushing, like in humans, it is important to do this every day, because plaque bacteria take 48 hours to turn into tartar. We must always use products that are specifically for dogs; this includes both toothpaste and mouthwash. Go through the 42 teeth as if they were your own. If they do not like the toothbrush, you can use a gauze with toothpaste. The point is that they must have their dental cleaning session daily. When you finish, reward them with a session of cuddles and praise their good behaviour. There is nothing they like more than knowing that you are happy because they have behaved well.