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Hurray! We have visitors! This is a dog's favourite moment.

Hurray! We have visitors! This is a dog's favourite moment.

Every time the doorbell rings at home your dog pounces towards the entrance door like an arrow, and without seeing who is at the door, it has already placed its large paws and sticky tongue on the belly of the surprised guest.

On more than one occasion, we will have felt embarrassed by the spectacular welcome offered by our loving dog to anyone who crosses our doorstep. But, ¿why does it behave like this? Sometimes they may be expressing with great excitement the happiness they feel when they see these persons. On other occasions, they might simply be looking for attention, because on previous occasions this behaviour has led them to obtain a reward (petting, loving words, etc.) from their owner. And the last explanation for this behaviour may be the need to control the people that do not belong to their family and who enter their territory: however, in this case, the attitude of the dog is less friendly than in previous cases. Whatever the reason, the truth is that it must be controlled.

Fortunately, dogs can be trained, and, with a little patience, we can get them not to monopolise visitors. To achieve this, we must teach them to sit and we must give them this order before opening the door.

To learn how to teach them this exercise, watch Anna's video in the Training with Mama section.