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It is possible to train your cat

It is possible to train your cat

The best method for training cats is the one known as “positive reinforcement”. This technique consists of teaching animals to associate a certain behaviour or actions with a reward until they perform that behaviour more and more naturally and frequently. It may seem difficult, but it only requires a little patience and regular and extended training.

At the beginning, you must give your cat a treat or a reward whenever it carries out the desired action, until it understands that doing that action results in receiving a reward. Once you teach your cat the desired action, you may reward it with a treat, congratulate it or just stroke it.

It is important to emphasise that although it does not matter what phrase you use to teach your cat the desired action, it must be always the same phrase. This is the only way your pet will associate that sound with the desired action or behaviour.

We also recommend beginning to train your cat as soon as possible. The best is to train your cat when it is still a kitten, because it will learn faster and the knowledge it may acquire will take deep root in its personality.

Finally, you must remember that in order to dissuade your cat from performing actions that may bother you (jumping on the table, destroying your plants and tearing curtains, for instance), the best thing you can do is to train it and reward the desired behaviour while you make use of an unpleasant stimulus to prevent undesirable behaviours. Never use elements that may physically harm it or cause a strong reaction of fear; it is best to make use of resources that may be unpleasant so it will eventually avoid this, like a noise or a water sprayer.