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Puppies! Training begins!

Puppies! Training begins!

Until recently, it was erroneously believed that puppy training could not start until it was 6 months old. Fortunately, pioneers like Dr. Ian Dunbar created new training methods that revolutionised the way we educate puppies and advanced the start of their training period.

As long as the method is adequate, there are few limits on the learning capacity of puppies during the first months of life. This is why we recommend “lessons for puppies”, which serve as prophylaxis to prevent future unwanted situations and/or conflicts. If you have a chance to take your puppy to a group lesson, it will be an excellent way to begin to train it.

Moreover, we do not know of any limits on the age until which we can train dogs. Elderly dogs may have a somewhat slower pace, but we can still continue educating them. However, we must be very careful if our pet has any disease or pain: you must always adapt the physical condition and age of the animal to the type of training and exercise to which you submit it.

But there is no doubt that if your dog is still a puppy, you can start giving it its first lessons. Take advantage of it being young and absorbing everything you teach it as young children do. ¡Let's get to work!