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Better feed for sterilised cats

An increasing number of cat owners are choosing to sterilise their pets, either for behavioural reasons or due to their awareness of the abandonment of unwanted litters.

Nutrition and illnesses

Sterilised cat feed

Sterilised cats tend to eat more food and beg for food more frequently if their access to it is restricted. Moreover, as they become more relaxed with age and show less initiative to play, their increasingly sedentary lifestyle makes them prone to weight gain. Accordingly, feeds specially formulated for sterilised cats are lower in calories but still provide all the required nutrients.

Download the free research report about sterilised cats: causes and prevalence of overweight after sterilization

However, not all feeds are the same; it is important to consider their specific characteristics when selecting the most balanced food which offers the best protection for our cat’s health. Sterilisation leads to a series of metabolic changes in cats that require special attention:

  • Increased risk of obesity
  • Increased appetite
  • Require a reduced energy intake
  • Lower insulin sensitivity
  • Increased risk of developing a lower urinary tract disease

Varieties of feed for sterilised cats

  • Feed for sterilised kittens and young cats

Thanks to advanced surgical techniques, which mean we can now safely sterilise cats when they are still very small, an increasing number of kittens are being sterilised before the age of 6 months.

Download the free research report about sterilised cats: causes and prevalence of overweight after sterilization

However, at this age the cat is still growing, so sterilisation is another factor added to the specific nutritional needs of the developing animal. Which is why it is so important to opt for a food specially formulated for them.

Advance Young Sterilized provides young cats up to 3 years old with all the nutrients they need for growth, but with a moderate fat intake to avoid excess weight gain and prevent future diseases.

  • Feed for sterilised adult cats

From 1 year onwards, cats can already be considered adults and they enter the most stable stage of their lives. It is important to maintain good health throughout this stage in order to prevent chronic diseases from developing later in life. Cats must maintain their ideal weight through continued physical activity and appropriate nutrition.

The Advance Sterilized range is available in two flavours and is perfectly formulated to meet the needs of sterilised adult cats.

  • Feed for sterilised senior cats

Cats are considered senior above the age of 10 years. In this age group, age-associated health problems appear more frequently, and chronic diseases may manifest for the first time or worsen. Disease prevention and general health care are more important than at any other age.

Advance Sterilized +10 years gives senior cats all the nutrients they need, including a comprehensive list of nutritional supplements to help protect their health, mobility and well-being.

Which factors should be considered when selecting a feed for cats?

A good quality feed formulated for sterilised cats, regardless of any other conditions that may affect the choice of a particular product, must meet specific requirements:

  • The cat must find it tasty and palatable. Cats are particularly fussy about their food choices. They will reject any feeds they do not find palatable, and it will be very difficult to maintain an adequate diet.
  • It must have a very high protein:fat ratio, that is, the percentage of protein must be much higher than that of fat to improve the intake of nutrients versus calories.
  • It must be satiating even though it provides fewer calories than other feeds. This is achieved with the addition of dietary fibre.
  • It must provide all the nutrients, amino acids, minerals and vitamins that the cat needs. Remember that, ideally, this should be the cat’s only food, so it must provide long-term, balanced nutrition.
  • Besides proper nourishment for the animal, the feed selected must also protect the cat’s long-term health through supplements and ingredients thatprevent some of the most common diseases.


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