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Yorkshires: how to train them?

Finally your dog has come into your life! You and all the family were waiting for them with enthusiasm and trepidation. They are a Yorkshire, and now you need to know what the breed is like to be able to reinforce their training and to build the strongest bond together.

The Yorkie has a lively, happy, affectionate, playful and very (very!) endearing character. However, this is a very individualistic dog, very territorial and with a strong personality, as well as a great natural instinct as a guard dog.

They are intelligent and learn quickly, which is why you should be strong when giving them orders; a lack of tenacity could turn them into a little tyrant, poorly educated and manipulative.


With a Yorkshire you should carry out positive style training; which is to say, make use of rewards, especially affective. You should be gentle and sweet so that they don’t become skittish, but don’t confuse gentleness with a lack of discipline! The best time to get started with their training is from three months old.


Managing to get a Yorkie puppy to embrace this habit takes time. To achieve it, you should choose a spot and take them routinely: when they wake up, before and after playing, after meals and before bringing the day to a close. Encourage them to do it and congratulate them when they manage it.

Remember that from the three month mark, with all of their vaccinations already in place, you can take them out for walks and reinforce their routines. The more times you take them out for a walk, the more opportunities the puppy will have to do their business outside.


Their name is among the first things that your puppy should learn. And then, there are three basic orders to achieve happy cohabiting with them:

That they sit


Show them a biscuit above their head. When they start to sit down so as not to lose it from view, give them the order. Congratulate them and give them their reward. If they do not sit down, apply gentle pressure to the base of their spine and then congratulate and reward them.

That they stay still


Find a quiet place, make them sit. Show them the palm of your hand, let them lick it and them give them the order. Walk slowly away. If they move, start again. Repeat until you reach the limit of their lead.

That they lie down


When they have already learned to stay still, make them sit and kneel down beside them. Hold them by the collar and show them a reward in the other hand; bring it close to their snout and lower it when your dog pulls forwards to force them to lie down. When they are going down, give them the order. Accompany them until they are fully down and give them their reward.

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