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Five strong arguments for owning a cat

Owning a cat is well worth it. If you have the opportunity to own one, don’t miss out, especially since here at Affinity we have designated this year as the year of the cat. And it has undoubtedly been a great year.

Bond between people and pets

Do you really know your cat?

Lots of people may see their cat as a real enigma, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Although it may often appear otherwise, cats have very deep and intense relationships with their owners that are heavily based on empathy and affection. A lot of people tend to think that dogs are more faithful and affectionate than cats, and while this is often true, cats not only need plenty of attention and fondness, they are also capable of showing it, but in a more selective manner. It is the cat that almost always decides when and how you can stroke it. That means that for you to get to know your cat well, the feeling must be mutual and the cat must take the initiative.

9 Lives With You

Specifically because of this debate about the strength of the link formed between cats and their owners, and how it compares to the relationship between dogs and humans, at the Affinity Foundation we have designed the 9 Lives With You project. The project provides an in-depth analysis of the life of cats in general and their relationship with their owners, in which we seek to resolve many uncertainties, particularly the most important one: why own a cat?

Earlier in the article we mentioned the study results, which were presented at GEMFE 2016.

What are the five strongest arguments for owning a cat?

As we said at the beginning of this article, there are a lot of very positive reasons for owning a cat, but the main outcome of the analysis conducted in the 9 Lives With You project yielded five reasons that stand out above the rest:

1. To become an additional member of the family

People usually end up loving their pets just like any other member of the family, especially if they have been with their owners since they were born. Cats are no exception, as they often live a long time and will inevitably conquer their owners’ hearts sooner or later.

2. To provide company and affection

Having a kitten in the house is synonymous with companionship. It is affectionate, cute, playful, mischievous and fun, and will definitely give us some wonderful memories. Just visit YouTube to watch the plethora of videos with adorable kittens playing around.

3. To be a friend

It definitely wasn’t a cat who coined the phrase “a dog is man’s best friend”, as they think rather differently. Cats also make great friends, and without demanding or requiring so much attention. 

4. To play with

While some might argue that cats invented the nap, nobody can deny that they like to play, especially when young. Playfulness par excellence.

5. To have fun with it

Cats are always willing to entertain, spend time having fun with their owners and undoubtedly make them laugh. You must certainly will not be bored with one of these cute little animals at home, constantly entertained by their tricks and escapades.

Here you can have a look at an infographic with a summary of the main results of the third study into the link between animals and people, with the 2016 version focussing particularly on the cat.

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