Products specifically for dogs: joint health

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Products specifically for dogs: efficacy of supplements for joint health

Increasingly more products specifically for dogs have been launched in recent years, with new formulations that improve the patients’ treatment adherence. As these supplements are incorporated in their food, dogs do not notice them and the overall diet is more appealing.

Nutrition and illnesses

New products specifically for dogs

Dogs are loath to swallow tablets or capsules, they would prefer to scoff down a tasty food. No more magic tricks to hide tablets in the animal’s food, only to find them on the floor after it has finished eating. A supplemented diet ensures that the dog is actually receiving the treatment it needs, without missing any doses and facilitating treatment adherence to the end of the course.

These products specifically for dogs can be prepared for a range of different uses, from nutritional supplements to treat diarrhoea  to antiparasitic agents. In this post we will discuss supplements designed to improve joint health.

Supplements to improve joint health

Affinity Petcare conducted a study to evaluate the benefit of Articular Forte supplements in dogs with arthritis.

The study looked at 30 dogs diagnosed with arthritis in the elbow, hip or knee. They underwent three veterinary examinations during the 6 week study period. They were also assessed by their owners.

In no case was any additional medication given and no changes were made to the dogs’ diets.

The results showed an improvement in all signs of arthritis after 3 weeks. A statistically significant reduction was observed in the following parameters:

  • Limp (P = 0.030)
  • Muscle atrophy (p = 0.004)
  • Support problems (p = 0.017)

The Articular Forte diet is indicated for:

  • Dogs at risk of cartilage degeneration or with joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, joint instability, fractures or patellar dislocation.
  • Cartilage degeneration associated with age or breed.
  • Cartilage degeneration due to overweight, joint overuse or nutritional imbalance.
  • Joint support after trauma or surgery.
  • To improve diseases that course with joint pain and inflammation.

Some notable ingredients include:

  • Hyaluronic acid: helps preserve normal synovial fluid function. Alleviates joint pain and improves mobility.
  • Chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine: both are constituents of cartilage structure. They help strengthen cartilage, so it can continue to function as support.
  • High meat content and a tender texture: facilitates diet adherence as dogs never reject its great flavour.

We recommend giving the amounts shown in the table for 40 days.

It is important to simplify the task for owners whenever they are responsible for administering a treatment. Furthermore, this novel form of administration will also improve treatment adherence and therefore the animal’s health.

After the first year of life, osteoarthritis can affect up to 20% of dogs. So, lots of owners and animals can benefit from these supplements.

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