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With a pedigree or "pure mixed breed"?

With a pedigree or

The usual dilemma: ¿is a purebred or a mixed breed better? Both can be great pets. So ¿how to make the right decision?

The main difference between purebred and mixed breed dogs is that in the first, features such as size, appearance and certain character traits are more predictable, while mongrels are rather “unique specimens” with physical and behavioural characteristics that are not so predictable, especially if we have no information about their origin. However, the increased predictability of temperament in purebred dogs does not mean that all representatives of a particular breed behave exactly the same way: within each breed there is great variability and each individual ends up developing its own character, thanks to their genetics and the experiences throughout their life. On the other hand, between dogs of different breeds there are very marked behavioural differences  that can have great practical relevance in choosing the right breed according to the lifestyle or the expectations of the owner. These differences often reflect the history of the breed and the purpose for which it was selected.

In addition to the physical appearance and behavioural traits, in some breeds the inheritance of some illnesses such as deafness, hip dysplasia, retinal atrophy and syringomyelia are more common. Therefore, before adopting a dog it is important to know about all the characteristics of a breed and use reliable breeders for carrying out tests to their parents to control the transmission of genetic illnesses. In contrast, mongrels have less genetic diseases and generally enjoy better health. They also have the advantage of being more easily found and can be purchased economically, while the economic investment for a purebred can be considerable. In addition to these factors, there is another aspect to consider. Some activities of the dog world can only be performed if the dog is purebred, such as exhibitions, many work tests and some official competitions.

If after weighing the list of pros and cons, you have chosen a particular breed or you have chosen a mixed breed, the important thing is that your decision has not been guided by purely aesthetic reasons. Its temperament, care needs, lifestyle and the activities you want to perform with it are the most important aspects for the dog to fit into your future living environment.