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We are committed to the well-being of pets.

Affinity is much more than a company with expertise in animal nutrition. We are an animal-loving company who has been committed to the well-being of pets and pet owners for over 50 years.

We love cats and dogs – they are our passion and the reason for our work. We want to support the improvement of relations between people and pet animals, reinforcing the bond existing between them, and, in turn, improve the physical and emotional health of pets.

Our foundation is proof of our commitment and philosophy; it is a non-profit organisation, which is the only corporate foundation in the sector in Spain dedicated to promoting this bond between people and their pets.

The Affinity Foundation has worked for 25 years for animals and people from 3 different angles: research, education and dissemination of the relevance of the bond. Three areas of action with the common purpose of disseminating the philosophy that a society that respects animals is a better society.

Leaders in cat and dog food

Affinity is a company with over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of animal food. We are leaders in cat and dog food products in Spain, fifth in Europe and sixth in the world. We belong to the Agrolimen Group, one of the most important wholesale groups in Spain, with relevant brands in each of the categories where we are present.

More than 1.100 professionals comprise Affinity and conduct their work and passion from our headquarters in Barcelona, and in our offices in Paris, Milan or Sao Paolo.

Additionally, we have 4 factories to supply the more than 20 countries where we are present.

The pillars of our growth strategy are:

- Innovation
- Investigation
- Quality
- Internationalisation
- Creation of strong brands

Vision Mision & Policy

Our MISSION is to ensure the well being of cats and dogs and thereby contribute to the well being of pet owners.

Our VISION has been enunciated as:

We share the same dream: to grow with your pet. Your love for it drives us with energy and enthusiasm to bolster every day our commitment to its well-being. Your pet gives you tenderness, you choose Affinity... because you care.


Our Vision and Mission serve as a basis for our

  1. Implementing management systems based on business efficient Processes and focused on meeting:
    • Customer and consumers satisfaction
    • Manufacture and distribution of safe products for pets
    • Prevention and minimisation of the significant aspects and impacts we may generate on the environment
    • Prevention of potential and actual incidents and accidents involving our employees
  2. Establishing Objectives and Goals which challenge us to continually improve our performance with respect to our Customers, Consumers, Shareholders, Suppliers, Food Safety, the Environment and the safety of our own and subcontracted personnel.
  1. Fulfilling all legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our activities as well as those Sectorial good practices and guidelines we adhere to.
  2. Periodically reviewing the effectiveness of the implemented systems and derived objectives and targets in achieving our Vision and Mission.
Vision Mission & Policy