Affinity Foundation

In 1987, over 25 years ago, Affinity created what is now the soul the company, the Affinity Foundation. Our mission is to promote the role of pet animals and the benefits they have on people.


To that end, we work in the following fields:

  • • Studying and disseminating the benefits of the bond between people and animals

  • • Therapies assisted by pet animals

  • • Education and awareness of the significance of a responsible tenure


In this task, we have the support and advice of several expert collaborators (technicians in therapies assisted by animals, dog trainers, researchers, professors, veterinarians, journalists, lawyers...) who provide their knowledge on the many fields in which we are working.


In addition to this valuable human capital, we must count over 20,000 Friends of the Affinity Foundation who support the actions of the Affinity Foundation year after year. Each of these persons, our Friends, share our dream: to improve the situation of pet animals in our society and promote their role in it.




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