Affinity Foundation

Since its creation in 1987, the Foundation researches, acts and promotes the benefits of pets in society.


Together with its associates, the Affinity Foundation has carried out a multitude of research projects aimed at knowing more about the bond established between humans and animals ,as well of doing everything in its power to stop pets from being abandoned. It has also focused on researching and disseminating the benefits of Pet-Assisted Therapy and Education through social action projects.


Furthermore, the Affinity Foundation believes and supports the adoption and responsible caring for pets which benefits everyone: the family, animal protection entities and, of course, the dog or cat itself. From the Foundation, the most important aspect of pet care is prior awareness, that is, the responsibility that arises from the pact made by the owner with the animal; as well as affection, how the affective needs of the animal are covered.


We also participate in different causes that lead us to launch awareness campaigns because we want to give visibility to problems that need an urgent solution and raise awareness in society.


Our main work areas

The 3 main areas in which we focus our efforts are: research, social action and communication . The common element of all these areas is to highlight the bond between people and pets, especially the benefits that derive from that emotional bond.




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