Who we are

At Affinity, we love animals. That’s why we are experts in animal nutrition and care.

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reputable brands

crafting high-quality, healthy, and safe products

International growth


We are in 36 countries and growing



employees They form our high-performance team around the world



Dogs and cats fed

with products targeted at their characteristics and needs


Countries where we produce

Innovative, quality products


years of experience

serving animals and the people who care for them

A history of entrepreneurship

Nurturing bonds


At Affinity, we believe that the bond between dogs, cats and people makes the world a better place.


We want to improve the physical and emotional health of dogs and cats through a healthy and balanced diet.


We also work to create healthy bonds with our clients, employees, partners and shareholders.

Nutritional culture

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Our experience

Food was the origin of our bond with dogs and cats. Since 1979, we have been committed to nurturing that bond, and we strive daily to give them the food they deserve: high-quality food adapted to their needs. They inspire us to continue working, researching and innovating.

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A great team and a wealth of science

Thanks to the research from our team of veterinary nutritionists and ethologists, food technologists, quality engineers and technicians, we can provide everything needed to contribute to the health and well-being of dogs and cats, through our recipes made with a wide variety of ingredients.

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The power of ingredients

At Affinity Petcare, we choose trusted suppliers and we understand that the nutritional value of our ingredients can create complete and balanced recipes, with high quality, hygiene, and safety standards, and without losing sight of our social and environmental role.

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Generate and share knowledge

We scientifically verify the health benefits of our foods and share the results of our research in scientific journals to benefit all dogs and cats. This is why both expert veterinarians and our clients trust us.

At Affinity, we are committed to acting ethically and responsibly.

Our Ethical Commitment is the pillar of our company culture and is the foundation on which Affinity’s policies, guidelines and procedures are based. We invite you to learn about our ethical commitment, as well as our focus on regulatory compliance and the ethical channel.

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