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Animal rights

Animal rights

Article 1º 

a) All pet animals, as living beings who feel, have the right to a dignified life and to be respected. And all pet animal owners, as persons who love animals and as the ones responsible for their care, have the right to be respected by society in general. 

b) Pet animal rights and their owners must be defended by law as human rights. 

c) Pet animals have the right to a dignified place in society. 


Article 2º

a) Pet animals cannot survive without help, and therefore have the right to receive protection from humans. 

b) No pet animal shall be subject to any mistreatment or cruel act. 

c) Abandoning a pet animal is a cruel and degrading act. 

d) Violent scenes with animal victims must be prohibited in cinema, television and the press, unless its purpose is that of denouncing the infringement of animal rights.


Article 3º

Pet animals are living beings and as such have specific physical and emotional needs. Owners must make sure that they can satisfy these throughout the life of the animal. Pet animals: 

a) Have the right to good nutrition. 

b) Have the right to receive veterinary care. 

c) Are social animals and need to live in company, as well as giving and receiving affection to and from their owners and society in general. 

d) Have the right to grow at the pace and in the conditions of life and liberty of their own species. Owners must ensure a suitable and sufficient area for them in their home, sheltered from bad weather. 

e) Dogs need to go out to the street every day at least on three occasions and not less than 30 minutes to relieve themselves, to do exercise, to breathe fresh air and to interact with any other type of dog or person. 

f) They need to move and do exercise according to the characteristics inherent to each breed. Cities must allocate fair spaces for the enjoyment of dogs and their owners. 

g) They need to play. Every day, owners must share some time and play with their pet animals. 

h) They have the right to and can learn throughout their whole life. 

i) They have the right to be accepted and integrated in society, both by their owners and by others. 

j) Cities must allow dogs and their owners to make use of public transport to travel according to the freedom of circulation enshrined in the Spanish Constitution. 


Article 4º

Working dogs have the right to a reasonable limitation of the time and intensity of their work, to restorative nutrition and to rest. 


Article 5º 

a) Pet animals have the right to a duration of life according to their nature. 

b) If, for health reasons, euthanasia should be required for a pet animal, it shall be performed by a veterinarian following the sedation of the animal and it shall be performed immediately, without pain and without causing distress. 

c) Any act involving the unnecessary death of a pet animal is a biocide, i.e. a crime against life.